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Brake ?

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I have a 64 Impala. I have trouble putting the car in "Park". When I do, sometimes it rolls. I believe my emergency brake is faulty. Is the problem bad rear brakes or do I need to fix/tighten my emergency brake.
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if it aint going into park its probably your park pin in your tranny and for the e-brake id check out the cables front to back to make sure there all moving and if they are pull your rear drums off and make sure its hooked up if your lucky you might get away with adjusting it ;)
My 63 impala is a three on the tree and the parking brake dont work. What do I do about it?
I have the same problem. We need to get to the bottom of this. Please help us family. It is so embarrasing getting out of your clean 64 with the top down and while you are walking so ever smoothly away from your ride, the car starts to roll backward. You can lose a lot of cool points when this happens.
why can't you fix the parking brake??? New cable???
I know I'm gettitn mines fixed soon.
if its an automatic and it rolls when you put it in park then your emergancy brake cables are not at fault. your transmission linkage is not adjusted properly or you have internal transmission problems.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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