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TECH REPORT BY THE INVENTOR. . . BROWNWALLS View attachment 2027204 View attachment 2027204 View attachment 2027205
In 2016 a guy showed me the whitewalls that keep turning brown, no cleaners would get all the brown out.
So I invented the process and product and called it LOWRIDER WHITEWALL WAX. Rubbing the surface will not get the brown, burnt preservatives out, the brown needs to be EXTRACTED.
The product is a wax/oil that goes into the pores, loosens the brown and it get squeezed to the surface THE NEXT DAY YOU WILL SEE THE BROWN ON THE WHITEWALL. Wipe it off.
The instructions must be followed exactly as written. TIRES MUST BE OFF THE CAR, or it will not penetrate into the pores and clean them out.
8,000+ jar have been sold, it works If someone says it doesn't that person did not follow the instructions.
It's a worldwide "browndemic" . . .
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