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Buy It Today.! 86 Caprice Box

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Not only are you on the other side of the country, I broke..... DAMMIT!!!! :angry:
good luck with the sale!!
Don't even remind me how low I have gone on price. ;) If My bills were o.k. I would be doing this one up.!
Damn, that's a real nice project homie, wish you were close and I had the extra money to spend. Is that new paint on that thang?
I can't take that. I appreciate it. I can only go as low as $3,500 Sorry I feel for what is on this car. It's an 86 clean cali title lifted chrome undercarriege and clean interior. I feel this is a grat price.! ;)
Originally posted by New Empire Prez.@Sep 7 2006, 03:32 PM~6125583
Great price! :biggrin:
x2 good ass price homie good luck ;)
21 - 40 of 72 Posts
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