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knocking and a ticking are to different sounds....someone would have to listen to the motor to let whats wrong...knocking a more loud bad, bad, noise is usually a bad rod or main journal...a more anoying tick tick tick noise is a bad lifter, or worn rocker arm...both are not good. i would have someone who knows what they are doing look at the motor and get several opinions to. when you changed your oil did you see any metal dust in it, do you still have you old oil filter..cut it open and see if there is any metal dust in it. i had 13's and a 1:1 ratio final drive on my gp..i drove the car long distance to shows and at the end of the summer the motor started knocking cause i wound it out to much over a long period of time...needless to say i am replacing both the engine with a v8 and the trans with a overdrive unit.

as far as your batt problem..get a volt meter and start the car...test the batt voltage while it is should be about 13-14 volts if the alt is working properly...if its 12-12.8 then its mostly likely not working
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