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I have a 1980 caprice for sale or trade that needs plates and smog, but the catalytic converter was changed on it which was the reason why it was failing the smog. The car also has a decent sound system.

I bought a while back intended to make it a hopper because it has a V6, but just been busy to work on it.

I was asking 3500 for it, but I'm willing to negotiate.

Everything is euro including the side mirrors.
New catalytic converter and muffler.
Sound system with jl audios, but could use a better amp.
I was looking for V6 to hop it so that is a plus for me.
Stock Virgin never cut for hydraulics.

Needs a battery, but I have one I use to start it up and move it when needed.
Needs smog done, but I think it should pass now that it has a new catalytic converter, the last time it failed was because of the cat.
Needs registration, back a year and a half I think.
Tear on front seat.

I'm not always on here so txt me if anyone is interested:
310 Eight 1 Eight Nine 13 Five
7741 - 7758 of 7758 Posts