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can anyone tell me

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hey i just got these as part of a trade you can never have to many pumps but ne ways i want to know if they were any good the say hydraulic city on the backing plate the gear says super pump and the block has a 6 on it heres a few pics


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JUNK! LOL nah i dont know man see how they work, thats all that really matters is how they work and how reliable they are.
Not sure... but looks like some old school stuff... They might be pretty good. Or, they could be lousy..haha
try it out....if all else fails you could juice some furniture around your house with it lol
Yeah ,I have one of those super pump heads too. I got it from a settup I redid for a customer. I'm gonna sell it if you want another one. It was working fine when I removed it. Anyway, I dont know what brand it is or anything either. Think it may be an old reds pumphead.
yup it looks like old stuff from reds
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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