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Originally posted by dough916@Jul 27 2005, 10:46 PM
the reason the nozzle clicks off is because the vapor recovery tube (part of the gas pump nozzle) is getting liquid gas in it. basicly the little holes on the side of the end of the nozzle. you need to pump slower or pull the nozzle out a little bit and hold the boot back with your hand so it will turn on.

sounds to me like the anti sifen(ya, i know i spelled the wrong) valve in the filler neck is not letting the gas through as fast as it should. it is the little screen type thing that keeps people from shoveing a hose down your tank to steel your gas. its should be in the filler neck where the neck meets the tank, not the one you can see with  the gas cap off.
You hit it on the head, man. Exactly what I was going to say. Ah, brings back memories of pumping gas while I was in college, and you'd get these cars that had to be babied by hand. What a PITA! :cheesy:
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