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I See You Bitch !!!
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But fact check
Fact There is no jacket company named t&t garage the company you’re talking about on Washington blvd in Whittier is Billyroc stitching, name soon to change again address may change to.
Fact all the pictures you are posting are from web site not cool
Fact Billyroc jackets start at 350.00 logostwo start at 295.00 both include back patch and front patch name and a couple arm patches. Price may change on the size of jacket or change because of size of patches this pricing should be good up to xxlg. Logostwo clickers start at 325.00
Fact both use Canadian wool and real leather in there letterman style jackets
Fact you can go into logostwo Tuesday thru Thursday 11:00 to 5:00 to try on a jacket get a quote and tour shop. or order by email and you will see a mock-up of your jacket before production
Fact Billyroc’s you need to call for an appointment
Fact Billyroc does in house chain stitching, and chenille sewing, and out sources embroidery and silk screening
Fact logostwo does in house chain stitching, chenille sewing, auto embroidery and silk screening. One stop club services
Fact Billyroc does make an all leather jacket with interior lining and numbers with matching interior colors very heavy but great for throwing over the steering wheel for shows JMO
Fact logostwo works with Greenspans where you can pick up one of their jackets and bring over to logostwo and have all your patches designed and applied to your jacket and get the price as if you bought the jacket from logostwo for your patch work.
Fact both company’s ship to Japan and world wide
Fact logostwo does many of the local motorcycle clubs. two patch, social and 1%er vest
FACT logostwo has been at the same location for over 35 years and supports many lowrider, ink & iron and rock a billy shows
Fact to learn more about logostwo visit Respect to layitlow and all those who support there great blog to the layitlow life style
Any pics of these jackets ???


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need a jacket made
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