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car for trade for rims in michigan

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hey if anyone interested i have a 84 lincoln town car w/ rear switches ill trade for a set of 17 - 22 inch rims and tires preferabley 100 spokes

car does need work but runs perfect been my daily for over a year never had no problems pm me for details

also have 5 14" 100 spokes i may throw in if the rims are nice enough
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anyone in mi?
it will be a few but anyone local ill be more than happy to drive it to there house so they can check it out
you have a pm dan
how much for the rims? got pics?
got any pics of the 14" wheels and how much
last chance 500 cash
nobody is going to buy it with out pictures
im lookin for someone close who i can drive it to there house so they can check it out
drive it to 319 e maple st lawton iowa
thats alot of gas
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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