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Car has rough idle/stalls out

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I hit a pothole while cruising around before (big surprise in this fucken shithole city) and now my car (88 Caddy Brougham) has a really rough idle/stalls out in idle. It ran fine and smooth before it was juiced (3 weeks ago), but ever since it developed a bit of a rough idle (im guessing from hitting all the potholes/cracks), but today I was cruising around and I hit a big one, and now whenever I start it, it stalls out after about 10 seconds unless I have my foot on the gas, and when I put it in drive, it idles so rough, it seems it wants to stall out too.

I was mabey wondering if that had anything to do with the fact my exhaust is about to fall off the car? (also from these fucken potholes)

Also ever since its been juiced, the check engine light stays on (it never came on before)
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It can be various things!.. if its carburated it takes time to choke in if its bit chilled outside.. than u stomp the gas and it settles down.. thats how carburated cars are... Also it depends on your Tune Up.. if u kept it well tuned like new spark plugs new filter, oil etc itll be ok, as well as Timing!.. also check your Spark Plugs!!!! coz it happened to me with my cutlass

Stupid mechanics at this maintanance shop saw a broken sparkplug and lefted there it was taking the boot of a broken spark plug and kept dieing out on me!
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