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how can i get my body shipped to the painter. while the frame is off

how can i get it painted

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If I understand this you want to remove the body from the frame ship it off and have it painted... Correct?

If so, you can ship by flat bed or trailer it. You will need to attach some kind on blocks to the bottom of the car to keep from bending the rocker panels, lower fender/quarter panels, ect. They also make a big dolly that you can attach the chassis to and wheel it around, but most of us don't have one of those.

The painter should have no trouble painting it, but you would have to be really careful shipping the body back and reinstalling it to the frame, otherwise one slip of the hyster, jack, or winch that you use to move it around and say good bye to a new paint job. I would have the engine/transmission install, so all you have to do is drop it down carefully and bolt it up.

Good luck!!
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