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Discussion Starter #1 offers $5.00 per car show entry for 2010.

We advertise car shows across the United States.
Our site is growing at a very fast pace. We were ranked 9,500,000 less than a year ago but now are ranked 2,100,001 on traffic rankings website. Last summer we were ranked at 1.2 million. Our web site continues on gaining steam and our mission is to be the best car show source on the internet.

We are making great partnerships in the car show industry and look for future growth in the car show market. With the costs of advertising on the internet we are offering a very good offer for your club and their shows. We would charge $5.00 per car show if you link back to our website. Here is our offer:
Here is what you would get for $5.00 in 2010 if you link back to our site:

A large flyer posted on our site (provided by you).

A link back to your website.

A link in our link page.

A link to where you want your contact email sent.

A link to your registration page.

A press release will be entered about your car show for added website traffic and customers! We have added a second press release source. Your car show will get on automotive websites all around the United States.

Your show would be posted on a website ranked in the top 7% of all websites on the internet.

Car Show is being followed by several media outlets reguarding car shows. We have links from time to time on We are also being followed by several other newspapers.

Here is what we need from your club: All information about your car show. Location,Time,Entry Fee,Email and website address. We also would like a flyer if you have one because your car show will stand out better on our website. Please send all of this information to our email address [email protected]

If you are interested in this offer please send me an email to [email protected] You can pay your entry fee on our website

Mike Linner CEO

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