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cd install

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i got an 82 eldo and it has woodgrain in it. it has the knobs so i have to cut some woodgrain but not sure where and how? im still thinkin of getting it installed professionally. what do yall think? and if someone could help me out on the cuts for the install that would be cool. ill see if i can get a pic of the kind of dashi have so you can see.
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well i had a 79 buick electra and i had to cut the dash what i did was take the sleeve off of the cd player and tried to center it over the radio slot then i marked it and used a hack saw to cut it with the dash out but you should get a piece of plastic as a backroundso you dont see the cut plastic. you can find a premade one for that application at a car stereo store for a few bucks
did u have to get a mounting kit?
no even if you did it wouldn't fit cause there is nothin to bolt it to they dont even sell mounting kits for cars with dual knob stock radios that i know of all you have to do is cut out the dash and slide in the sleave bend the tabs and slide in the cd player
pretty sure they make a shaft kit...dunno what all cars it works in though.
If you dont mind getting rid of the woodgrain you could get a later model radio bezel. Thats what I did in my Monte Carlo. It bolts right up using the same four screws and looks a lot cleaner, plus Scosche makes a mounting kit for it.

You could get it here,
But I found mine on ebay for 15 bucks shipped... NOS.
Heres the dash kit I used. On the 78-88 Elcos and Montes the radio bezels are interchangeable so this will work for you as well.
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