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i've got a 1966 buick lesabre 4 door. its a gold color, with 76k miles. the car is in great shape and only needs a little work to be in perfect condition. the interior is 90% perfect. the body is CLEAN with just a little bit of surface rust, chrome is nice, the engine has a lot of work put in as well. its a 340 V8 2bbl carb. its not too bad on gas either. the car is nice as hell, and it rides like a land-boat. all proper maintenence has been used inlcuding oil changes and tune ups when needed. car was never negleted, it was my baby for 3 years. now i just dont have the money and resources to do what i want to do with it. (it wont fit in any garages)

new parts include:
-battery cables
-all new gaskets
-water pump
-windshield wiper motor
-brake power boost
-brake master cylinder
-brake wheel cylinders
-new brake lines
-drive shaft
-u joints
-exhaust was replaced 2 years ago
-power steering
-custom speaker pods on the floors (for component speakers i.e. seperate tweeters) (speakers not included)
-custom stereo deck in the glove box with a remote sensor repeater (you can control the radio still with a closed glove box) (stereo not included)
-custom rear deck for 6x9's
-Amp under driver side of the front bench seat (included)
-carb rebuilt
-maybe 75% of the hoses
-timing chain

there MAY be more but i can think of any right now. let me know if you're interested. EMAIL ME, i dont check this board often. my email is [email protected]

the car is REALLY nice, and recieves a LOT of compliments. i was hoping to get something like 3300 but make offers please.
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