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so the chrome on the lip of my rim is chipping they are winter beaters that still have nice shine but only one is chipping im wondering how do i go about cleaning them???? i had heard stories about the rest of the chrome washing off while washing. thanks
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go get zink, and brush it on so it won't rust, otherwise your screwed. One of my fucking hubs pealed completly, so i zinked the whole thing, cleaned off the spokes, and she still ain't rusty. The hub just looks like no one got in there with a brush, other wise, you can't tell from a few feet away, even if you look at both wheels. Its not obvious.
preciate it where do i buy zinc? any other tricks?
"Proform", at an autoparts store. Comes in a rattle can, spray some on a paint brush, and apply by that. It will galvanically stop rust.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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