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Chrome Showtime Kit

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I have a showtime setup for sale. Its a Chrome 2 pump 4 dump pro street setup.
Kit includes:
2 Chrome pumps
2 polished blocks with showtime ingraving
2 chrome showtime backplates
All your fittings required
2 slow downs
4 check valves
4 competion dumps
#6 high pressure hoses
4 Three prong switchs
2 6 prong switchs
2 12 prong switchs
8" street series cylinders
chrome switch plate
15 foot intertwined color coded switch cord
4 pressured accumelator (245 psi each)
4 showtime powerballs

I purchased this whole kit with a the upgrades of accums and powerballs at $1650 shipped about 2 weeks ago... products are still in the its boxes and bags. I can take pictures if interested. Give me an offer... I am not bullshiting you I need the money to do an engine buildup on my 79 buick regal t-type. hit me up asap
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will make trades on buick regal body parts.... or 350 engine parts
how much bro
dude I need money so bad. I jsut bought this kit. shits still in box. I know what its worth, what I paid, but what people will give is a totaly different subject... give me an offer... I would prefer 1200 shipped...
where you at ?
1200 is a good deal.. i would get that in a heartbeat if i could, but i cant, so i wont bullshit ya... just bump to the top for a good deal!
Say, I'm gonna try to sell my motocycle and will get it for 1200. Sounds cool? Give me a week or 2. :biggrin:
Here are some pictures of the kit. If wanted to get them so that you all could see these products have never been close to installation. There is everything from the tank plugs to the resevior o-rings to 10 green switch extensions...


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I will even assemble the pumps before shipping, if wanted. anyone interested
how much would you sell the power balls for ?
I got 1000 on it if nobody else comes through for you
and thats getting my ass handed to me
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