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Clean 1998 Lincoln Towncar for sale in Orlando, Fl

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Well this is the second or third time ive posted this on here. Im tryin to get a new car, but i dont wanna get stuck w/ two cars, so somebody please help me out and take this off my hands. i mean, for 4000gz u cant beat the deal, i dont kno whats goin on and why noone wants it.
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where at???
Originally posted by otownlinc@Sep 4 2006, 05:52 PM~6103298
orlando, florida 32825
damn i'm in much shipped .......48309
:confused: i dont even kno mane. u kno how i can find out?
Originally posted by otownlinc@Sep 4 2006, 05:56 PM~6103331
:confused:  i dont even kno mane. u kno how i can find out?
not sure i know some other people know.........any help :cool:
how manny miles..........any thing noticibly wrong???

what style is it........executive, signiture or cartier
probably be about $800-1000 to ship i had my ride shipped from washington to wisconsin costed $800

but that was back in 2000
162k miles, runs good. tha only thang id says wrong with it, is that tha paint is a lil cloudy, u can tell its been repainted. as for tha style... i dunno, it doesnt have ne emblems, i dont kno if they were takin off when it was repainted or what.
was lookin at one of these for 8. a steal at this price if everything is like its suppose to be. bumpin this... a lil too far for me
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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