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cleaning your bike

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sup yall i got this question.what do you use to clean your bike just ordinary towel or some special products post what you use for it......
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Originally posted by just lowriding@Sep 11 2005, 10:32 PM~3793247
i don't
True dat, if your bike gets dirty you just spray paint it again. :thumbsup:
Originally posted by LOCO_CUSTOMS@Sep 12 2005, 08:04 AM~3796102
yeah muddafukka dat sum tru gangsta shit back in the ghetto we dont gots no money for sum cleaning shit jus nuf for a 40oz dats da best for cleanin den we go pull 187 on a muddafukkin cop tru OG
whatever trick
Microfiber towels are cheap as hell these days. They used to be like $5 each but now you can get them for a dolla at your local "Family Dollar" or "Dollar General" store :thumbsup: Or if you iz a member of Sam's Club they sell them like a dozen for $6.50 :cool: They really help reduce swirl marks left behind by regular towels and even flannel cloths.

As far as the products I use Meguillar's wax cuz it don't leave no powder residue like Turtle Wax and you can even get that cheap for like $3 at Family Dollar rather than paying like $8 at Walmart. ;)

As for tires I use that Black Magic stuff only for shows because it runs and attracts all kind of dirt if you use it on a daily rider. For a daily rider I use the Turtle Wax Tire Black stuff. It usually works for a couple of weeks and doesn't attract dirt :thumbsup: I also like the Meguilar's Hot Tire or whatever that aerosol spray is called.

For gold plated parts I only use these gold polish cloths I get from a local jewler. They're like the only thing safe for gold. Do NOT use chrome polish on your gold, it will really reduce the life of your gold.

Also do NOT use car wax on your chrome or gold. Car wax is for paint finishes NOT plating. I heard of a homie where his lil bro thought he was helping by polishing his chrome with car wax and it screwed up his plating.

I am not sure about how to polish chrome with pinstriping :confused: I'd say use your regular chrome polish but avoid the pinstriping as much as you can.

For whitewalls use that Bleach White stuff. Its like in a white spray bottle with a red label. Its the only stuff I've seen for white walls and sells at Walmart and probably other places but I remember seein it there for sure.

Armor All will also work good on your tires.

I think that about covers all types of products I can think of for now :cool:
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I forgot something. If you are trying to remove surface rust on chrome use like a #000 ultra fine steel wool pad :thumbsup: I've done that several times on my rims and it works every time ;) Use it with water though to prevent any kind of swirl marks and use it gently don't scrape your chrome with it, use it in a circular motion
Originally posted by low1@Sep 13 2005, 10:40 AM~3803366
:uh:  :uh:  :uh: WTF!!!! You dont have a clue about the lowriding culture and lifestyle. Lowriding has NOTHING to do with gangstas, its just punks like you that think you're all that try to ride. Lowriding is about unity.

Also ali knows a fair bit about lowrider bikes, hes not a noob like you, dont go and run your mouth off when you dont have the slighest clue.  :uh:  :uh:  :uh:
True dat. That's the problem with people is they think lowriding is about being gangsta and causing problems :uh: Ignorance gives us a bad image. Ali reminds me of that guy from "Malibu's Most Wanted' Where he's just a poser thinkin he's someone he's not.
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