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is there any spray that is clear but has flake in it just like some real lowriders have it
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Originally posted by The Mad Modeler@Nov 30 2003, 06:33 PM
you can get some from craft stores such as Micheals but......
you gotta watch which ones you get. most of it is big flake. which makes the car rough as hell like if you dropped it in the dirt with the paint still wet.
so look at the caps and get something really fine.
you can get it in a couple differant colors too.
But my personal prefferance is to use it with Kandies.

Spray your primer,
Spray your base,
Spray 1 - 2 light coats of Kandy,
Spray the glitter coat,
lay down another couple light coats of Kandy,
Then go with a good 2 -3 coats of Testors HIGH GLOSS #1814

some people might agree or dissagree with my methods, it's all a personal taste.

It's up to you, I was only suggesting how i go about using the product to kind of lead you in the right direction.
You've seen some of my paint jobs ;)

Good Luck! :thumbsup:
i would agree. i use the ones from KRYLON. glitter spray, they have gold, chrome, multi, purple, green, red, and blue and also use Testors HIGH GLOSS #1814, good shit
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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