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SHOW AND GO CUSTOMS AND SHOW AND TELL MODELS is having a car and chopper expo along with a bikini car wash at CLUB RAIN on grosbeck and 13 mile. SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 24th from 11-6. all proceeds are going to charity from the bikini car wash which will be put on by the show and tell models. then at night there is a model search and competiton. VIP TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE ONLY TO CAR EXHIBITORS AND MODELS THATS IT. call me for info 313-371-9085 thank you jimmy :cool:
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vip for car exhibitors
this saturday
well i might bring my girl with me..she likes hot women..hehe --perk--
so do i, so yeah bring her :biggrin:
well ill see how things work out with my mother..not to sure yet..but if shes home feeling better ill pick up my girl and bring her..
i am ready to get tore up with easy models
jimmy you will never change bro you are a cool dude hommie i might take a ride to d town.( and bring some chi-town bitches,sorry ladies lol)peace hommie moyo :cool:
on the way out now 50 models already
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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