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Need to sell fast. My car got repo'd this morning and I need to get it back.

What I have is a pair of RE SX 12's (paid $400 brand new) in a custom ported enclosure built by team toxic (paid $300 for enclosure). It's tuned to 35hz I believe.

Also included is an old school Orion XTRPro 2400 (approx 2700 watts @ 2 ohms, paid $500 brand new).

I don't have any pics at the moment but all items are in like new condition. I will let everything go for $900. I am in Orange County, Southern Cali.

I have this combo in my 95 Chevy Impala SS and it slams and sounds good while doing it.

P.S. The enclosure is very big, so would only be suitible for a full size car with a big trunk or SUV.
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