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i want to make my 79 lincoln mark 5 a convertable. i dont want a folding convertable but a carson top or a lift off glass top. is there any sugestions or pointers anyone can give me? even though i know its a full frame car, will it weaken it to take off the top? im thinkin of making the front portion like a lap joint so the roof sits on the windsheild area like a step kinda and using a seal in between with some convertable top latches from another car. in the rear im not to sure. im thinking of making plates to box everthing off and using studs in the roof and holes in the body to align it and using another set of ragtop latches. that just leaves me with what to do for the side windows. i could probally get some extra tracks/regulators from the same kinda car at the junkyard so they have the same curvature and make the windows roll down. might have to use the glass too and cut it to fit.

what do you think, any tips or pointers would be great.
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