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heres my freinds car hes wanting to sell or maybe trade for a 60s impala,
87 buick century limited,4cylinder auto, 170K
kandy pink
2chrome pumps,10switches, 4 new batts
redone white seats
shaved everything
pink neons
chain steering wheel
custom horn
rebuilt engin and tranny, tranny has less than 15000miles on it
for more info or offers call 812 208 5665 and ask for Luke

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I 2nd that... :uh:

Originally posted by lone star@Aug 13 2005, 08:27 PM~3612065
:ugh:  :ugh:  :ugh:  :ugh:  :ugh:  :ugh:  :ugh:  :ugh:  :ugh:

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He better take the trade!

Not my style, but mama always said , "If you cant say anything nice...."
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