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i welded one up on my truck, it was kinda tricky to do cause of the cast iron but it still works 4 years later, if it is a common engine just get a new one from the wrecker but in my case and switchcrafts case it was cheaper to do it this way, i had factory 2 1/2 performance manifolds for a 351 Cleveland so findin one at a wreckers wasnt too likley

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Originally posted by SWITCHCRAFT@Nov 12 2003, 02:16 PM
mine cracked in my geo storm in 97' when i first bought the car.....i had it welded at a muffler shop and it's still working fine.........a new manifold for me would have been $180!!!!

so i only payed the guy $25 to weld the crack :biggrin:
did you get manifold back the same day?
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