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Come and pull whatever you want out of it.

I'm going to scrap what's left of it by next week.

heads up:

the hood is bad, so if that's what you want, don't bother.
muffler is bad too. so are the front engine mount bushings and the battery.
i already took the headliner, upper dash, digital dash display, and front LH corner light.

if you need a dash or digital display, i have my old ones that can be repaired easily. you can have that for free if you really want it.

the engine is good, the tranny is alright. alternator, AC, etc. is all good.
seats and carpet intact, body pretty good so trunk, fenders, doors, quarter panels, lights, etc. are all up for grabs.

interior and exterior trim pieces are good.

wheels good, 3 tires good (1 flat).

all the glass is good except the passenger front (i accidentally broke it).

come get whatever you want from it. it's in TORONTO.
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