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cylinder dissasembly

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sorry to be a pain in tha @$$ but just curious i wanna get one of my cylinders apart so i can take the o-rings out so it will be able to move freely, reason being when im doin the install i wanna be abble to move the control arm up and down with the cylinder attached to see if its binding or going funky... so my question it, how do i get a new cylinder to extend???without plumbing up a system?
also do you just screw the cylinder into a powerball till its hand tight or do ya gotta use a wrench?

thanks everyone!

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wrap a towel around the cylinder casing and one around the shaft and use pipe wrenches to tighten the ball...
anyone??? what do you guys wo when installing to check for bind? if i cant take a cylinder apart... someone help :)

thanks in advance

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