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Originally posted by 1 LO 64@Oct 13 2003, 10:52 AM
Hello All -
I have a 1964 Impala that I need to do some interior work on. The seats, headliner, and carpet are fine. I would like to cover the dash, steering column, door panels, and kick panels. I will use crushed velvet but need to know some techniques and/or patterns. I've read through each page and did not find the answers I'm looking for. Are there any web-sites and/or people that can help me? I would simply like to pleat my fabric, I don't need buttons or anything else. PM me if you can help or reply here, then PM so I know you were here!

James :cool:
well james (i had to quote your post :biggrin: ) the first thing to do is go get some crushed velvet chonies from hrnybrneyz and cut them up and sew them together to get that fine smooth look. be sure to cut out the pedo stainers since you want it to look firme and not faded. any more assistance, i will be glad to reply. :cool:
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