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1991 Cadillac brougham . Just waitin for summer 10'


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Where da white walls go bro. I got few pics of 68 and vic red gramalac.
Sonnies 68 coupe deville.

Vics FWD grammaLac

My 1980 Monte Carlo just sold it to a new comming member for Dem Lowridaz..
Getting painted Candy apple red and pumps..

My 80 coupe Deville (how i bought it)

Painted it brown(not happy with paintjob painting it anti freeze green and white ragg roof)

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My coupe with gold diamond cut spokes and HORNS.hahaha

Working on some custom bikes..painting the Lemon Haze

My bike (Lemonhaze/Tropical twist)

Little Cruize Downtown..

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Cant forget the shop we took over haha..

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Here Claudio's 80 Coupe Deville..

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1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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