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What is the diffrence between the AirStruts and Cylinders?

Info I found on AirStruts:
The AirStrut™ offers valving adjustment at the top of the strut stem... under the hood where it is accessible, not under the car. This valving adjustment means that you can choose soft for ride quality and cruising, all the way to full firm for auto crossing and ultimate handling performance. The AirStrut™ is typically set up to deliver a 2" drop at ride height and up to 4" when deflated for parking lot profiling. Now there is no need to endure the harsh ride quality of lowered coils or air cylinders... or to cut up your car just to get it low. Bolt on the AirStrut™ and GO!
Also, I was told that if anything happens (leak or blow out anywhere) that you have to take it off and either buy a whole new assembly (for around $200) or if possible send it in for repair. Thoughts?

I havent found any info on Cylinders other then you can buy a "Seal Rebuild Kit" for them. And that you can buy the "Air Cylinder Brackets" also for a direct Bolt-On install.

Thanks again for the help all!
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