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Disc Brakes with 13's? on a 64

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In the September 2003 issue of LRM, the 63 impala in there has disc brakes, but is on 13 inch rims.

I want to put disc brakes on my 64 Impala, but all of the disc brake conversion kits I've seen say that at least 14's need to be on there and I want to stay with my 13's. Does anyone have info on what kit allows for 13 inch rims?

any help would be appreciated

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i run 13's and discs on my 64 with no problem..

pics are on my website..
I checked out your site when you did the conversion and at the time you had 14's. That threw me at first since on the web site for master power brakes

It says DB1721P
1959-1964 CHEVY

Note: This disc kit will require 15" wheels

Any Help on this? did you get the kit with the booster and dual master cyllinder?


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yes I did... it bolted on with no problem...
I wonder what their rationale is for saying

"Note: This disc kit will require 15" wheels" :confused: :confused:
if you use a standard offset wheel, you will need 15's or bigger..
I kind of figured...

That's cool... thanks for the help.

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