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Hey whats up everyone?

My name is Noel Salazar and I'm from Dallas. I would like some feedback on a service that I would like to make available to everybody in the Lowrider community. I know that a lot of people are quick to judge us, and I hope that this service will make a difference.

It's a legal service plan that takes care of you and your family thru a monthly membership of about $35. From traffic tickets to DWI, making phone calls and writing letters on your behalf, reviewing documents and contracts, protection against and restoration of Identity theft, preparing your will annually and many more helpful things that will assure you and your family are protected legally.

I hate the fact that some people can sue you for any little crap that shouldnt happen. But it happens everyday and we cant afford to spend $200 an hour for a attorney that doesnt care about what happens to us, they just want our money.

I want you to know that an affordable legal service plan is available for everyone. You shouldnt have to be rich to be able to protect your family from these things. If you think this is something you wanna look into, visit my website at Click on Family Plan then Step 1:view movie, but skip it and go to the actual site.

Thanks for letting me get the word out and keep ridin Low.
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