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* Do it yourself in minutes! Save on expensive repairs!
* Controls burning oil…helps restore fit of worn parts
* Provides easier, all-weather starts…reduces exhaust smoking

# Restores power…renews seal of valves and rings. Quiets noisy engine and valve lifters. Developed by skilled automotive scientists after more than 6 years of research and laboratory and road tests! ENGINE OVERHAUL successfully answers the costly problems of engine repair. Simply drop the pellets into the plug opening and pour engine overhaul liquid into the oil in your crankcase. This potent ENGINE OVERHAUL COMBINATION goes right to work on the worn areas of your motor. While you drive, the worn parts are plated with a metallic layer that actually renews finish and fit. The restored parts are protected and cushioned by the engine overhaul liquid, giving you thousands of miles of trouble-free driving. ENGINE OVERHAUL contains a long chain molecule which works in combination with motor oil to improve its film thickness under tough operating conditions. Flows onto bearings, valve, cylinder and piston surfaces, protecting them with a self-lubricating wear-resistant protective film. Saves your motor oil…saves your motor! Pellets are compounded of special thermoactive metallic alloys. Heat and pressure of your motor bond these alloys on to the worn, pitted and scored metal of your cylinders and rings. Restores their fit, smoothness and power. No special tools or skills necessary…no need to take your motor apart. Note: Large 8’s (Cadillacs, Buicks, Oldsmobiles, Lincolns, Chryslers) require 2 packages.

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Item Description Unit SKU# Price Qty. Order
Complete Engine Overhaul Kit Kit 16ZX0071T $12.99

Im thinking of using it on my 92 Sunbird
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