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Dropping my cutlass

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How can I drop a 79 cutlass supreme. I tried looking for a kit but couldn't find one. If there is one out there let me know where to find one. If not whats the best way to go low.
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Cut all 4 spring 2 turns or how ever many you want if you cant find a kit!
cut the springs or get hydros..
or get an air ride suspension
cut the springs and get 13's ko's.
I already got some 13s on them. I guess all I need to do is cut the springs. Whats a good way to cut them.
A torch is the fastest, but can lead to weak springs (calapse or breakage). I would use a angle grinder or such. Takes alot longer but gives a nice clean cut. Just make sure to measure first and don't overdo it.
when you put the 13's on it didn't they lower it a little? :biggrin:
Originally posted by dayton roller@Aug 5 2003, 11:12 AM
when you put the 13's on it didn't they lower it a little? :biggrin:
It lowered a little bit. but not how I want it. If I knew how to post pics I would post them up. but heres a link to my ride
Looks good. Looks like you don't need much of a drop.
Thanks homie! :biggrin:
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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