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if i took a car up there with an engine and tranny that isnt original to the car what do i have to do to get them to test it
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Nothing. they'll test it to the standards of the year and model of the car.
your hydro carbons are always higher when your engine is cold so try to make sure you can warm up your engine to normal operating temp before you go in for the test
what state u from? here in sc,there are no inspecions,and nc,cars 96 and older are safety
if u r in california u got to go through a referee(chp or government approved shop) they will certify your car by placing a decal on your door jam if all emissions are transferred to your car and if all the vin numbers come up clean! or u could do what most do and find a shop that will look the other way for a fee!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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