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Originally posted by f150lowrider+Sep 26 2003, 08:49 PM--></span><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (f150lowrider @ Sep 26 2003, 08:49 PM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'><!--QuoteBegin--1ofaknd@Sep 26 2003, 01:05 PM
I can make you an airbag setup. 4 Double convaluted bags with billet aluminum endcaps, and an aluminum tank. $15 w/shipping
really im intersted got a pic and how do i put it on???

On the front, put em' where the springs would be. In the back, you can put them over the axle, or on the frame, or make a custom4-link whatever you wanna do

this is the tank

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