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hey, i'm interested to hear your input on what ton springs i should run up front on my 64 impala. its running 2 pumps to the nose at 48v per pump. my goal is to hit btwn 30-35 inches on the roll with no danger of bottoming the front crossmember. stationary hopping is not on my priority because it is a street car. i am not looking for it to lay flat but i would like to maintain a reasonably low ride height in the front w it fully dropped. i realize this sounds like an impossibility but i'm just trying to find a good combination btwn getting some inches w out riding around w a jacked full stack front end.

i thought of running cut 5tons, but think the car may not be heavy enough to use em, my last set of 4's were set at a perfect height when dropped but i had no problem planting the front end in the ground once it started to swing???

any advice would be appreciated
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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