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whats up, I’m rebuilding my whole setup in my ride and I have a few questions. well I never finished it I’m redoing it, I decided to make it look better half way into the project. im very limited in space in the trunk so that’s the reason why im doing this.

1. I’ve heard that the gel batteries don’t last as long as the acid type. is that true? also does the heat kills the those type of batteries faster? I live in AZ and in the summer time it gets to 120 degrees.

2. Are the gel batteries any good?

3. There’s skinnier batteries, but I don’t know what brand they where. anyone know? I think they where interstate

4. What type of fluid do you use? I was going to use motor oil (30w). any special blends?

5. What do you guys use for hardline? and where can I find some?

6. Also what was the part num and the name of the ball joints (unbreakable) from NAPA? I seen someone post it

7. What spring size should I use for the rear? I have 10s with reverse cups and power balls. I would like to lay 1 to 2 inches off the ground.

8. And the last question, what about shocks? should I use them for the rear? can you fully lock the rear up and lay down with them? are they from pickups? or do I just tell them what I want to do?

Thanks for all your help guys. I know there’s a lot of questions by I appreciate for taking time to read it and answer them. im throwing all of this on a 77 Chevy Malibu with a 2 pump 4 dumps setup with at least 6 batteries. I’m trying to make my ride as low maintenance as possible.

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Here are some answers/opinions to some questions...

1. I have never used gel and don't know anyone personally that has, can 't help.

2. see 1

3. If its a skinnier battery then it probably isn't a group 31... maybe a 24 or 27, most people stick to 31.

4. Different people use different fluid.. some people have their own "special" mix, someo people use off the shelf stuff. Personally I have used non-detergent hydraulic fluid from napa and synthetic 10w30 motor oil. 1 person in particular uses transmission fluid but I have heard bad things about using that and I really don't want to get into a debate with that person.

5. Hardlines are usually made specific for what you need, I don't know of any places that sell hardlines that you can do yourself. (Although part of your gas line is hardlines into your carb... which you bend yourself so auto parts stores do sell them. But I don't think they are the same kind of tolerences that we need.) I had mine made at a hydraulic shop. I dropped off the pump and told them what I wanted. It was expensive though, and all I had done was the return lines made... but I like the look of the end result, and thats what matters.

6. I think this is the napa part number NCP 2601091, but if you ask for ball joints for your car ask for the napa chasis brand.. i think those are the ones.

7. I would recommend 2 ton pre-cut springs or half stacks

8. Shocks will PROBABLY still let you lock up as high if your staying with 10's, the only thing that I have seen is that they slow down the back a little bit. Most hydraulic companies sell them, but you can get them cheaper locally at an autoparts store. Usually it's a 27" shock fully extended.

Now that your done reading my book.. I hope some of these answers help.
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