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Originally posted by two da grave@Sep 24 2006, 05:09 PM~6236195
two questions:dose any know what i can do to fix the problem of when im playing with the rear bags the front drops when ever i air the rear back up....would check valves be a solution to this problem?
my second problem is i have two leaks in my front valves where the valve connects to the fitting an and i can't get it to stop leaking any suggestions?
thanks info on my set-up 2 five gal tanks 2500conti front 2600 rear all 1/2 with one air zenith (soon 2)


nyccustomizer is right about front coming down .... as far as the fittings ... I only use white teflon tape ..... never had any leaking problems .... not allot of people use it right ..... good luck
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