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ford escort sterio install kit,

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i believe this is out of a 99 or 00 escort-instead of having to change all your shit out like when you buy a new one,this one had all the heater controls already in it and wired up(it also has rear defrost button,alot of them dont,and it has metal clips that pop into dash instead of plastic ones like the cheap kits)-i also put butt connectors on the radio harnesses-just crimp your sterio wires up and plug in-even comes with vacuum lines to plug in for your vent controls-makes for quick and painless install
$50 shipped or $40 local ;)

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Originally posted by BoyleHeights323@Jan 23 2010, 01:13 AM~16381958
:uh:  :uh:
it got moved from "car audio" section-i guess you cant sell shit in there anymore :dunno:
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