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frenched antenna's gseeds how too!

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heres somthing the guys here online would ask me from time to time to do, had a little time today ,so i shot some photos,the round brass tube i use is stock #1251,same that i use for my hinges,and can be got at the hobby store,the putty i use is evercoat polyester glazing putty,and can be got at automotive paint stores,and maybe some parts stores,,everything else is just hoddy stuff i think most of us already have.

frist you need to decide where you want your antennas,draw and cut a shape like this in the plastic,i like to stagger them,one higher than the other. :cool:

i also like to thin the back side of the model where the antennas will go,makes it easyer to cut the plastic from the outside of the car,be careful not to thin to much. :uh:

next mark the tube where you need to cut it,and cut at an angle. :)

place the two tubes in the slots you have cut. :0

and glue from back side.

next will need to mold the tubes in ,i use this putty, you can also use CA glue but the putty sands a lot nicer. :cheesy:

this what it looks like puttyed up.i like to put small brass wire in the holes so they dont filled full of putty,pull out when done puttying.

molded ,sanded and shaped. :wow:

primered , sand and paint. :biggrin:

there, its that easy, if anyone still has Q's just ask, ill try to help you out. good luck. :biggrin: :cool:
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:wow: That's an excellent JOB and tutorial! Thanx for the tip bro!

thank for the tip gary :thumbsup:
:thumbsup: :cool:
Thanks for posting this Gary...
Nice tutorial, thanks Gary. :thumbsup:
thanks for the tip.. ill use it on the next build
no prob guys, wish the pics would have come out alittle better :uh:
Originally posted by gseeds@May 10 2010, 10:03 PM~17447663
no prob guys, wish the pics would have come out alittle better :uh:
next time i do another ill shoot better pics,ill try and do it soon. :biggrin:
dam, very cool. you are a god gseed :worship:
This is an awsome tutorial gary. Thanks for sharing. I'll try it soon, just need to get some supplies.
Originally posted by sweetdreamer@May 12 2010, 08:01 PM~17472343
dam,  very cool. you are a god gseed :worship:
X2!! :cool: HE'S THE MAN :biggrin:
1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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