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Originally posted by BigNasty85Regal@Aug 15 2005, 01:07 AM~3624880
ill call u :biggrin:

Man ,,,,,, Give me my money & then Put the rest into your fuckin car............... :angry:

- You could have had your interior all done by now or something this whole time it has been sitting there not doing a damn thing........... The excuse is not that your waiting for me to paint it - You been waiting for me to do it all so you can hurry up, get it & then drive it all the fuck around while i work on the rest of the shit at the shop.................... Im not doing that - YOU can come down WITHOUT your buddys to distract you & you can actually work on getting the rest of the car prepped out...

I wrote what needs to be done in Permanent marker on the side of your car so you know what you can do to it to get it ready ...... ;)

You need to do the car or get it out of the lot..... Im paying extra money per month because of the extra cars..... Cheeks better get his shit on the ball too otherwise Im towing the shit out to the street............

- On that note , What the fuck have all you guys been doing lately??????? I know your out & about not doing a fucking thing while getting drunk & being proud of being thrown in jail for violating a fuckin dumb ass restraining order ( Stay away from that whole fuckin family for Christs sake !!!! Only an Idiot keeps going back.. ) ,, Justin hangs around when he wanted his shit juiced up But then , sits at home all fuckin day afterwards when we are busy as hell & money to be made...... Cheeks is waiting for his dads shop to have an opening so he can do that gay ass "Father & Son" shit but, I got done bitching at his ass yesterday...............

Its your choice - I am not gonna do all your guys shit myself for free, So you can enjoy the shit while i work by myself on my own shit like i been doing.....

ALL YOU guys get your shit together & work on your shit or, Reconsider your involvement in the club..................
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