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full stack or half stack coils in the rear

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what do i run a full stack of coils or half stack?????
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if you want to lay low run half stack if you dont go full stack
The choice is yours to make. It depends on how much coil you cut for the rear. Fully slammed or low and driveable. Full stack coils in the rear will get you home if you run into any hydraulic problems while cruising the streets. Added benefit of full stacks in the rear is you don't need to use the hydraulics when cruising. I personally like the slammed look.
I ran quite a bit of coil in the back of this 63... i trhink it was a full stack of 2 tons with one and a half turns cut off.

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slam it!!!!! half stack, or get 2 ton precuts :cool:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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