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Gettin ready to bag my '59 El! need some info

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Hey guys, im new here. this is my first post. im excited to be on board!

I have a 59 EL camino, and im finally getting ready to order my air suspension. i just got finished boxing in my trailing arms, and transferring all of my rear diff brackets over to a posi w/disc brakes from a 96 impala cop car. The front of the car is all stock suspension except for a disk brake conversion. i just got a full suspension rebuild kit front and back of graphite impregnated poly. i will be running a set of staggered chip foose 20s.

so my questions start.... i was looking at a kit on and was going to go threw them, but than my friend told me about i found more of what i like from cce, but have heard alottt of good things about AAC. What company do you guys recommend? does AAC have more than whats on their website?

What setup do you recommend? i want it to go up and down as fast as possible. i was assuming 1/2" lines and valves? 2- 5 Gallon tanks? 2 compressors? do i need the 10 switch kit or is that overkill, the reason i ask is cause with the rear panhard bar setup will it be able to do FBSS or just FB?

what do u think of the multi port systems?

what do you guys do with the 59-64 x frames, as far as the bag brackets go? Weld on or bolt on? my reason for asking is cause i have my boxed trailing arms ready to powdercoat but im not sure if i should wait and get the bracket kit first?

sorry for all the questions i figured i would get as many down as i could before i forgot.

any input helps.

thanks in advance.


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Hey 59camino that shit looks good.To answer a few of you questions.Your viair's should have came with a external kit goes from intake of comp. to external fairlly seald filter.I read somewhere on here that mounting them upside down is not that good for them.Can't dissapate heat off of the head.I'd run 1/2" line and valves.You can always slow them down w/ restrictors going up and going down a just used a 1/2" end cap and drilled a 1/4" hole in it and it slowed it down alot.Make sure you use a water trap and put a shrader valve in somewhere on the tank.You never know what could happen w/ those comp. and leave you stuck on the ground.Hope this helps a little bit.Keep ansking question there are a lot of people on here that know there shit.
The pumps should be fine.just keep the filter dry.I cut down 1/4" all thread and welded it down to mount my comp. i didnt want holes in my shit.I did the same for the tank but w/ i think 1/2".Man i wish i would have went w/ 1/2" line to the front to get a little faster.Also remember the closer the valves are to your bags the faster it will raise,less distance for the air to travel vs. putting them example-valves for the front on the tank in the rear.I fabed up brackets to mount my front valves as close as i could get them to the bags and not look like shit using 30 zip ties.
I've seen guys w/ s10's and the g-body's use a front shock relocator kit.Yor weld a bracket to the top of your frame in front of the control arm's and install your shock and just see what works best at what angle locked up and dropped all the way down.Hell i even read a article in mini truckin a few years back where a guy welded the lower shock mount to the sway bar and c notched the frame top to bottom i think 3" wide and add a shock relocator kit just like i explained before.I'f i remember it was so you could fit bigger shoes on and have better clearance while turning.
Hell you paid for it show it.I think it would look pretty sweet in that hole you were talking about. :biggrin:
Now that's more like it.LAYED THE FUC OUT :biggrin: Ya gonna have drive shaft problems or what,from the pic looks like it'll touch.
Originally posted by 59camino@Feb 22 2009, 07:20 PM~13079548
and now the porno shoot :worship:

"PORNO SHOOT" Funny :cool:
Originally posted by Fine59Bel@Apr 20 2009, 11:47 PM~13638109
damn bro, when u gona have this done? Im gona be home the first weekend in may, mite come to the cruise nite if i dont go to another show. u gona be finished by then?
No doubt no new post's since march 15.What happened?I tried PM'm him but nothing.
Lookin good.
What you gonna do w/ that surface rust?I'd got w/ some POR15 that shit is amazing i used it on the bottom of my doors (g-body thing) and it hardened up like crazy i even gave it a little whack w/ a hammer and nothin.
Originally posted by Fine59Bel@Feb 15 2010, 02:08 PM~16618941
:ugh:  :ugh: that makes me look a lil weird :happysad:  :cheesy:  :biggrin:
So you gotta DUDE stalker
Originally posted by ShibbyShibby@Feb 15 2010, 10:34 PM~16623484
yeah but it's kinda different. I like it.
That's a old audio trick i've used for YEARS.Works gret when doin alarms nice and simple
Originally posted by 59camino@Feb 15 2010, 11:41 PM~16624417
got my panhard bar shit done today ill try and get some pics up in the next few days. also popped the rear tires off and put some bead sealer on them antique fucks cause the one kept goin flat.

im not happy with the mounting hardware supplied with the compressors, so i think tomorrow im going to run to home dumpo and grabs some long bolts to run up through my floor that i can weld so theres less ways for them comps to come loose.
I hear ya, i just dont like putting holes thru the body unless i have to.I got a couple feet of all thread and welded mine down.Nice and clean
You can see the ones for the tank 3/8"
used 1/4" for the compressor
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