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Gettin ready to bag my '59 El! need some info

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Hey guys, im new here. this is my first post. im excited to be on board!

I have a 59 EL camino, and im finally getting ready to order my air suspension. i just got finished boxing in my trailing arms, and transferring all of my rear diff brackets over to a posi w/disc brakes from a 96 impala cop car. The front of the car is all stock suspension except for a disk brake conversion. i just got a full suspension rebuild kit front and back of graphite impregnated poly. i will be running a set of staggered chip foose 20s.

so my questions start.... i was looking at a kit on and was going to go threw them, but than my friend told me about i found more of what i like from cce, but have heard alottt of good things about AAC. What company do you guys recommend? does AAC have more than whats on their website?

What setup do you recommend? i want it to go up and down as fast as possible. i was assuming 1/2" lines and valves? 2- 5 Gallon tanks? 2 compressors? do i need the 10 switch kit or is that overkill, the reason i ask is cause with the rear panhard bar setup will it be able to do FBSS or just FB?

what do u think of the multi port systems?

what do you guys do with the 59-64 x frames, as far as the bag brackets go? Weld on or bolt on? my reason for asking is cause i have my boxed trailing arms ready to powdercoat but im not sure if i should wait and get the bracket kit first?

sorry for all the questions i figured i would get as many down as i could before i forgot.

any input helps.

thanks in advance.


[email protected]
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yo man, can't wait to see u makin moves on this. post sum pics of the '59. as far as the brackets, the only one that needs to be welded in is the lower rear bracket. so you should weld it onto the trailing arm b4 u powdercoat it.... and you should probably weld mine in and powdercoat 'em too while you're at it :puffin: :puffin: but you should call AAC, they will put together a kit of exactly wat u want and send u a price
o yah, welcome to the forum :biggrin: gona be crazy havin 2 '59s round here wit bags haha
Originally posted by 59camino@Jan 8 2009, 11:05 PM~12647884
lmk man ill powdercoat whatever you want as long as it fits in a conventional oven.
shit, i mite hafta take u up on that wen i get my brackets welded in
damn bro! i've had my kit about 4 months longer than you and ur already way ahead of me!! you'll hafta gimme some tips wen im actually puttin mine in! I got my spring perches grinded off and im waitn for my dad to get em welded but i know its gona take a while. Great progress tho!! I gotta check this thing out next time im home.

o yah, u can post pics from facebook rite onto here too, you dont hafta put em in photobucket if theyre already on FB ;)
Originally posted by 59camino@Jan 22 2009, 01:18 AM~12779050
micah- the brackets fit quite nice but are not perfect. atleast for me i had to bend the tabs a hair to get the uppers to sit in the pockets how i wanted for mock up. but i didnt drill the hole into my original perch yet to pull the pocket into place with the threadall. im sure once thats in they will fit perfect. AAC are great people to do business with. if you have any questions call them if you cant find it on this forum. they are always willing to help. as for posting pictures, you can upload them from your computer to a site like than u copy the image address into your thread. is far as i understand as long as your picture has an image address(posted somewhere onto the internet) you can copy the link into your thread.

alex- i decided college would have been a waste of time for i look back now if i would have went to college i probably would have partied my self too where i am now just with less money and less car parts haha. i work for my dad full time so instead of studying i work on my projects . im sure if you could swap your study time with you 59 time you'd be well on your way. im going to keep progress pics posted on here best i can so you have something to follow. i may start a new thread sometime as a DIY. my rear lower perch mounts are actually made to be bolted on. id be curious to see what yours look like since you said you have to weld them on. im going to weld mine on anyhow , but i wonder if there is a diff between our brackets. see if u can find a pic of yours to post. deff. feel free to swing by the shop anytime. if u ever need anything welded, powdercoated, painted, or anything along those lines lmk. im always in need of project funds.

o yea thanks for the facebook tip man. i forgot i had that picture... keep in touch

Sup Cody- I feel ya man, idk how i stay enrolled here, drinkin all the time def drains my funds. I would be killin it on tha '59 if i just spent half the money that i do haha. But as far as my brackets, they look like yurs without the extra tab. So the smaller inner cirlce fit into the spring perch and then the bag bolts to the bracket on top. its kinda hard to explain but ill snap a pic next time im home. good call goin w welding it tho, it should give it a cleaner look.

Ill hafta bring my '59 by ur shop sumtime to look at sum painting options for it. Ive been thinkin about havin it two toned. I was lookin at ur pics, u do sum sick paint work. Ill def be in touch :thumbsup:
looks like this guy did what u were talking about with sinking the tank into the open pocket under the bed
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lookin good man, nice progress. do u really need grease fittings in the arms w/ poly bushings? I got my set of energy suspension bushings sittin at home. should i add fittings? that switch box looks sick too. ur plans for the bed will be ridic, a wood bed in there would look badass.
yo cody, im gona need sum help from you. im kinda assuming my bags will fold wrong too if i leave my bracket in the stock location. can you just take a measurement for me? from the end of the trailing arm to the mounting hole for the bag. that way, i can have mine welded in the correct place since i wont be able to mock mine up beforehand. thanks bro
Originally posted by 59camino@Jan 31 2009, 06:29 PM~12868933
yea I'll do that. Your going to have to move the racket forward on the trailing arm though to compensate for the hole movement. If not the bags will seat crooked(the base of the upperpart of the  bag is going to be further forward on the car compared to the lower base of that bag.) know what I mean?
yah i hear ya bro. just hit me up wen u get that measurement. also, how did u get ur bushing out of the control arms?
damn, thats how i thought i would need to get em out haha, hoping u had sum magic way. i mite be comin home this weekend to pick up my new engine so ill hit u up, maybe check out the el camino... and ask u like 100 more questions haha
shit man, i just saw the post in the for sale topic. yah, im droppin a rebuilt 283 in it. we gots to meet up, cuz im gonna have about 1000 questions to ask u about the engine swap haha
shit yo, my rear bushing are different too. 4 of em have no shells, and 2 do. cept the instructions say the two with shells go on the front of the control arm and the 4 w/o go on the end and on the banana bar. lookin good tho, nice progress. i gotta figure out wat tha deal is
Originally posted by 59camino@Feb 8 2009, 03:49 AM~12940043
me and my buddy got my rear rebuilt today. hopefully ill get that in tomorrow or monday.

me and alex had a little 59 collaboration today and decide once our air ride is all in people wont know what to do when they see both our cars rollin up to a show..
:thumbsup: its rare to see 1 '59 at a show, gona be crazy havin 2 w/ bags. i picked up my engine today..... looks like im gona hafta stay away from the bars for a while to save sum dough haha
wheres ur update pics bro? i kno u got sum :scrutinize: :biggrin:
lookin good bro :nicoderm: I say i cant wait to start install'n mine, but i know once i start doin it, im prolly jus gona keep gettin frustrated as hell haha. i got like 11 days till im home and hopefully like 14 till its actually done haha
sick man, looks great. no rubbin with the 7's in the front??
i was told that if your hand fits in there, your good. since slams dont balloon, the should remain the same diameter regardless of psi in the bags
cool, my fronts are offset too so ill prolly just throw the 7's up front and put the 6's in the back till i get another pair of 7's
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