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Gettin ready to bag my '59 El! need some info

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Hey guys, im new here. this is my first post. im excited to be on board!

I have a 59 EL camino, and im finally getting ready to order my air suspension. i just got finished boxing in my trailing arms, and transferring all of my rear diff brackets over to a posi w/disc brakes from a 96 impala cop car. The front of the car is all stock suspension except for a disk brake conversion. i just got a full suspension rebuild kit front and back of graphite impregnated poly. i will be running a set of staggered chip foose 20s.

so my questions start.... i was looking at a kit on and was going to go threw them, but than my friend told me about i found more of what i like from cce, but have heard alottt of good things about AAC. What company do you guys recommend? does AAC have more than whats on their website?

What setup do you recommend? i want it to go up and down as fast as possible. i was assuming 1/2" lines and valves? 2- 5 Gallon tanks? 2 compressors? do i need the 10 switch kit or is that overkill, the reason i ask is cause with the rear panhard bar setup will it be able to do FBSS or just FB?

what do u think of the multi port systems?

what do you guys do with the 59-64 x frames, as far as the bag brackets go? Weld on or bolt on? my reason for asking is cause i have my boxed trailing arms ready to powdercoat but im not sure if i should wait and get the bracket kit first?

sorry for all the questions i figured i would get as many down as i could before i forgot.

any input helps.

thanks in advance.


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