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got a motor prob.

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its comin out of a 82 cut, goin into an 86. its been sitting for about a year and a half since the last time it ran. we pulled the distributor out and plugged the hole and then started stripping the car for parts. took the hood and the air cleaner off and got a small amount of water in the motor.

the motor is out of the car now and when we turned it with a socket and ratchet on the crank, it would turn for almost a full turn and then stop. pulled the oil pan and there is nothing wrong with the bottom end, so what could be keeping it from turning all the way?
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when you got water down the carb it probaby went through the intake and siezed up an open valve, the valve is probably stuck open and hitting the piston when it goes to tdc
take valve cover off and see wich valve is stuck (spring should be compressed the whole time your rotating the engine) you might be able lightly, very lightly "tap" it with a hammer to break it loose....if not, pull the head off and soak the valve stem in pen. oil and slowly, and once again tap it very very lightly with a might be able to rotate the valve by hand, just be carefull because if the valve breaks loose with your finger under it your lookin at one helluva blood blister ;) good luck bud
Originally posted by southside groovin@Jan 21 2009, 03:36 PM~12772908
i wouldnt be afraid of it, worst case it might need valve seals.. but what older gm dosnt :cheesy:
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