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well i missed my old one i sold, got rid of my old daily and got this 97 now. got a vlx 400 and a pioneer avh-4100, so the hu and the amp is already knocked out, but i'm having trouble deciding on what subs i want to run. not trying to do any competitions, but i want my shit knockin something stupid, i was shooting for hopefully low to mid 140's.

i was wanting to go with 2 15's ultimately. i'm just torn on what brand and series to go with. right now the audioque street duty 15's look good, as does the dc level 4's, dd 9500's, but then again i was lookin at re and a few others. i would love to go tc sounds but damn, at 2 g's a piece on the sub i want its not realistic. out of all these subs mentioned, which one will give me the best blend of spl and sq for the money? i realise some if not all of the subs i mentioned have no sq properties if very little. basically i'm just trying to get some shit i know is gonna slump lol. also i'm not really stuck on any of these brands, there just a few i was looking at, feel free to make suggestions.

whichever sub i decide to go with, if i go with the 15's i want to design the box so that the port exits through the center of the rear deck. then again, i was thinking maybe 2 really good 12's would acomplish what i was looking for in a 4th order bandpass with the port exiting straight into the cabin. that would be a little complicated on account of the shape of the trunk, but it could probably be done.

too many choices to make :uh:
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