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grand cherokee

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ok guys do i have to drill through the firewall or is there somewhere where i can run the power wire through?

also i was going to go with 4 of those alpine 6 1/2 sps-170A's are they any good? i know you get what you pay for but i just want something better than that shitty stock infinity system thats already blown

i was going to run those alpines off of a rockford 301x which gives them 40 watts rms and that is the max rms for the speakers i think...correct me if im wrong

i was also going to go with 2 15 l7's ....would the 15's be overkill for the above or should i go with the 12 l7's running them of of either a crossfire 1000d or a rf 1000bd and also is the 1000bd 1 ohm stable just in case i wanted to go with 3 12" type r's
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Originally posted by greyhound@Dec 20 2003, 05:17 PM
thanks for the reply bro, but if anyone knows for sure please tell me cause i really dont feel like drilling holes in my the way it is a 97
Well I had a 95 Jeep Grand Cherokee. And what I had to do was Bi-pass the installed amp and re-wire the speakers off the leads for the deck. So I am telling you that I would let someone that is knowlegdeable in this application. I cut some wires that I shouldn't have, and fucked up some sensors. So I am saying that you need to know what you are doing. When I was finished, everything was okay, I ended up going with 3 1/2 in the dash (which was a fucking bitch let me tell you) 5 1/4 Kicks panel speakers(I had to buy the kick panels), 2 6 1/2 in the front, 6 1/2 in the back, and 2-12 in subs. I never metered it, but I shook the rear view mirror off and left a nice hole. So the question is yes you can do it, but I can not tell you what I did. I belive that there is an after market wiring harness that goes to the amp. But I just went the easier route. But I did 2 amps, and a 12 disc CD changer uner the back seats.

Oh yeah to answer your question, I had to re-drill a new hole, those vehicles just don't have the boots like some other cars, I went with some 1/0 gauge cable, I think that there is a place on the right side (looking at the engine) that you might be able to punch through if you are going with 4 gauge.
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I had 2-12's and that was about all the truck could handle. You do some Dynamat, and get the headliner, and that shit will hit like crazy. But if you are gonna run some 4 guage, then there is a spot under the steering coulum to that you can run your wire through.
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