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grand cherokee

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ok guys do i have to drill through the firewall or is there somewhere where i can run the power wire through?

also i was going to go with 4 of those alpine 6 1/2 sps-170A's are they any good? i know you get what you pay for but i just want something better than that shitty stock infinity system thats already blown

i was going to run those alpines off of a rockford 301x which gives them 40 watts rms and that is the max rms for the speakers i think...correct me if im wrong

i was also going to go with 2 15 l7's ....would the 15's be overkill for the above or should i go with the 12 l7's running them of of either a crossfire 1000d or a rf 1000bd and also is the 1000bd 1 ohm stable just in case i wanted to go with 3 12" type r's
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thanks for the reply bro, but if anyone knows for sure please tell me cause i really dont feel like drilling holes in my the way it is a 97
what size subs should i get based on the door speakers i mentioned above?
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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