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guage swap

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just bought the gauge cluster with all of the guages rpm,speedo,fel,temp,ect,ect and what im i gonna have to do to get it to work in my car?
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is it identical to the one thats already there?
Yeah, just a little information might help. :uh:
my guage cluster is just the regular 1 with speedo gas and 1 other,the 1 im replacing it with is like the 1 the that guy was selling that was chrome with the all the what do i have to do
is it a Dakota digital one?
no its a stock one from a different cutlass,they put them in the 442
nobody can help
you will have to hook up the wires that you don't have yourself....

if it has a dummy light...then get a oil pressure switch and install it in the the wires to the gauge.

I'n not sure but rpm goes to tach right?
dummy light?
dummy is the light that goes on when your oil pressure is opposed to the oil pressure gauge.
:confused: :ugh:
You will just have to hook up all the senders(wires) to the right place's, some may need sending units,depending on if you are going from light to gauge or gauge to light! ;)
are you talkin about the rallye pack gauges
Originally posted by littlerascle59@Oct 25 2006, 05:10 PM~6443574
are you talkin about the rallye pack gauges
check out
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